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Rachel Bilson’s long side bang: With a faux bob! Beautiful!


Rachel Bilson is one beautiful girl. This hairstyle gives her a girly edge. The long side bang enhances her look and appeal altogether. This hairstyle comprises of a faux bob and a long side bang which is quite easy to make. The hairstyle is gorgeous and can be worn at any event. To create this hairstyle, you need to shampoo and condition properly. Now dab some hair serum onto wet hair and comb properly. Use mousse. Blow dry. Make a side partition and pull out a thin lock of hair from the greater side and clamp it. Now, dab on some more mousse over the rest of the hair adjacent to the lock clamped. Collect all hair at the back and make a very loose ponytail out of it. Leaving an inch from the end, tie a rubber band to this ponytail. Fold the ends of this ponytail towards inside covering the rubber band so that a bob is formed from the folds of the hair. This is faux bob. Pin this up from below. Give a shot of hairspray all over. Now, open the long side bang and using a straightener, straighten it up and let it hang from the side. Give a shot of hairspray once again and you are perfectly ready!

Wassup new: Accessorize less with this hairstyle in order to make the best out of it.

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