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French Knot Hairstyle


A French knot is a classic as well as a simple way of styling your hair for any special occasions. This is a way of adding your own personal touch to the hairstyle. There are many celebrities who like to have this hairstyle to get a versatile look. This style is considered to be a best choice for a formal event or while going to work. Here is a simple way to create this hairstyle without any issues.

To get this style, first spread a little amount of hair gel all over the hair from root to tip. Then collect the entire hair at the back of your head to create a low ponytail which must lie on your right shoulder. Next flip your ponytail up along the back of your head which should look like a Mohawk. Now fold the hair which passes the crown of the head down under the hair that was flipped up. Hold the flipped ponytail in one hand and then smooth back the hair on both the side of your head. Send the hair from left side of the head over the flipped ponytail. Then twist the bun tightly to the right and secure the hair. Take a bobby pin to slide the bottom prong below the hair on the right side of your bun. Continue to add bobby pins until the bun is secured in place. At last mist the hair with a finishing spray to end your styling.

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