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Katie Holmes short crop hairstyle: Sexy and attractive!


Katie knows the best how to keep the best of short hair. Be it the short sleek sweep or the plucked out style, she does it the best. This is one of the Katieโ€™s best hairstyles and a favourite one too! The look is absolutely chic, manageable and ultra sexy. Try this one out. To get this hairstyle, start from the basic shampooing, conditioning, dabbing the serum and blow drying. Comb well. Apply some mousse. Comb and give a side sweep. After you are done with the comb, using your fingers only, comb again to break the serrations caused by the plastic comb and you get a more natural hairstyle. Give a shot of hairspray and you are done! Get this haircut done from a professional. Cut short side bangs. Make sure the cut suits your face. This short crop hairstyle does not suit broad head shapes and broad jaw lines. Its best suited for longer faces or round head shapes. Even angular faces can carry this haircut well, if its done with perfection. Try this one out. Hair needs experimenting! Try on!

Wassup new: Color your hair streaking it with bold hues of neon colors. Its in rage!! Make the rebel speak out in you!

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