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Heavy tousled hair: Center partition magic!


This one is one of those hairstyles that I mindly love. Simple and yet the utmost attractive. It can be your best appealing feature at an extravaganza like Oscars or a simple grocery shopping. It is the ruling beach party hairstyle and why not! The tousled mane looks fantastic! To create this sexy hairstyle, start with basic shampooing and conditioning. Use hair smoothing serums and blow dry. Make a center partition with the hair. Take some thick hair curlers and wrap thick sections of hair around them. Make sure that the sections of hair are thick. Wrap the hair towards outside so that it might give some bounce and weightage to the hair. Curling them towards outside makes them engulf more air inside the hair strands and hence add height to the mane. Now, just blow dry at warm air for a few seconds all over. Do not heat them to form coils. We just need round wavy manageable hair. Open the curlers and release the hair. Move your fingers through them once or twice and let your hair bounce up with life. Ultrasexyy!!

Wassup new: You might wear a bow headband with this or a side crystal or just keep them loose. Wear big flowers during a beach party. This hairstyle practically rules!!


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