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Messy side partitioned ponytails: Fluffy and messy looks on the row!


Models wore a side partitioned messy look that gave fullness to the face and heaviness to the hairstyle. The hairstyle was simple added on by the teasing and backcombing to get that right amount of messiness. Although it is an easy and a simple hairstyle, it is worth wearing it onto the red carpet. It is chic and very feminine. To get this hairstyle, shampoo and condition your hair. Do not use anti frizz. Now comb well and make a side part. Do not use mousse. Now making thin sections of hair, backcomb each section with a thin and a tight comb by moving it to and fro through the hair. Do it for all the sections to get added height and volume to the hair. Collect all hair at the lower back of your head. Make a ponytail out of it securing it with a tight rubber band. Give a shot of hairspray and your look is done! Adorn it! It looks very graceful!

Wassup new: You may use hair extensions if your hair is short. Use crystals, flowers to decorate this bun. Its very elegant. You can either braid the upper layer of the teased section or you may use some beads or kinds to enhance your style.



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