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Side French Braid


A side French braid is one of the most beautiful ways of wearing a hairstyle. It can add a whimsical touch to your hairstyle and also help to keep the hair away from your face. This is considered to be a modern and elegant way of styling the hair for any special event. There are different ways of creating a side French braid and her is the simplest of them all. Just follow these simple methods to wear this hairstyle.

Begin the hairstyling by making a part at the front of your hair using a small toothed-comb. Then spread a little amount of holding gel or pomade on the parted hair to keep the hair in place. Next brush the edges of your hair near the face and separate the hair that you will be braiding into three sections. Divide the hair into equal sections which will prevent the braid from looking lumpy or uneven. Collect all three sections of hair with your hands and pull a piece of hair near the forehead on the middle piece of hair. The remaining piece must be twisted over the other two pieces. While collecting the middle section of the hair add some of the loose hair to it and then twist it over other sections. Continue this process until your reach the end of the hair. At last secure the hair with a transparent or clear holder to make the hairstyle look more attractive.

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