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Using feathered headbands.


There was once a time when we stepped out of our homes wearing our favourite accessory that is the headband. Good luck folks! The style is back! You may have seen numerous girls wearing innumerable types of headbands and now, its your turn. This time we bring before you, the feathered headband. It has feathers on it and since it is broad, the highlight is on it. You may choose from variety of shapes and colors. White is my pretty favourite. To get this hairstyle, wash your hair properly and condition it. Use mousse. Now you can either go for curling your hair or you may straighten them up. Curly or wavy looks best. Curl up the hair dividing them into medium sized sections and then using your fingers, open them up and let them flow. Wear a headband over the top by pushing it over the hair towards the back. One more style is worth mentioning. Create a side part and then attach a headband making some of the hair of the greater side fall over your forehead. You may even keep the bangs aloof as you desire. Give a shot of hairspray and you are done!

Wassup new: There are many newer kinds of headbands like the netted, lace, crystal, wired, tiara, broad and narrow ones, wooden, ivory or glass. Choose and create a cult of your own. Use extensions with it. You will love this look!

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