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Short crop hairstyle: Messy n chic’!


A short crop hairstyle has been a favourite in punk rock groups since ages. It carries a cult, a rebellious religion that provokes freedom and secularism. The hairstyle has been in news for many popstars adorned it and some still do it. The chic quality it carries makes it different and bold. It is a popular hairstyle among teens all over. To get this hairstyle, you need a hair cut that is quite short. Make sure that the front hair are longer than the rest of the hair at the back. Get the cut done razor wise. In this case the ends of your hair would not be blunt but slantily cut. It gives more volume to the hair and of course more life. Wash with a good shampoo and condition well. Now, comb well and blow dry. You can use numerous methods to style your hair. Get the plucked out hairstyle where you can give plucking motions to the sections of the hair. You might use hair gel to keep your hair at place. You can go for a side sweep or a front sweep. You might use a shiner with a front sweep or bold streaks of neon colors to make a cut. Enhance your style using a headband.

Wassup new: you might even get a bowl cut. It is a round shaped cut with equal length of hair on all sides. It looks cool when hair are properly moussed and flowy. Keep trying !

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