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Fluffy fish plaits: Teased beauty in fashion!


A completely ruffled look carries its own charm and width. Such is today’s hairstyle that gives a different boldness to the whole look. Have a look. The most important thing that comes into our mind before the eyes ponder upon the fish plaits is the teased hairstyle that stands out. It is in trend nowadays so why not try it. It is as girly as is a bit retro but quite chic. To create this hairstyle, wash your hair with shampoo without a conditioner. Make a center part.  Now, using a teasing lotion, comb first and then tease your hair by backcombing it with a tight and a thin comb. Holding the ends tightly with one hand, move the comb through the hair to and fro to create a mess out of the hair and to create volume and height. Make sure, you tease them holding them upwards. Now, collect the hair at the nape of the neck and start binding a fish plait. It is made by making two sections of hair and interwining them in a different way. Take a small strand of hair from one section from the outer area and pull it towards the middle and then do the same for the other side. In this way, the two strands meet in the center. Now, take another strand from the outer most area of the plait and repeat the interwining to create a fish plait. Tie a silicon band at the end. Make sure you do not comb once you have teased well. You look great honey!!

Wassup new: Tie a glitter thread in the center and give rise to another cult of fashion!!  Use extensions, clips and so on!

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