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Hairstyle With A Sleek Bob


A sleek bob is a simple way of styling the hair that is short in length. This hairstyle is considered to be perfect for everyday wear and it is also worn by many celebrities for different occasions. Even though there are many bob cuts that is worn by most of the people this one is the simplest one among all those. Styling your hair in this manner is very simple which can be done with the help of few styling products and hair accessories.

To achieve this style, first you must wash the hair and leave it air dry for several minutes which will prevent puffy and frizzy hair. Next spread a little amount of smoothing hair product like a cream or serum over the middle of your head and ends of the hair to make the hair straight. Start blow drying the hair on medium heat with a round brush which will make the bob haircut straight and also make the hair to curl underneath your chin. Use the blow dryer downward while drying the hair to prevent the layer puffing outward. Now clip the top section of the hair and use a straightening iron with low to medium heat to straighten the bottom layers. Make sure to bend the iron to make the hair curl underneath. Also straighten the top layers of the hair in the same way. Finally spritz all over the hair with a finishing spray to end the styling.

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