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Teased hair with plaits: Tight tresses!


A teased hairstyle is the one which has been backcombed beautifully to give a height and volume to the hair. You can even get your hair permed to get this effect but in the latter case the looks are more patternised. You can go either way. It looks beautiful and of course chic.

To create this hairstyle, you need first to shampoo your hair with a volumising wash. Next you must condition it deeply. Now make two sections of your hair horizontally. The front section must be small and the back section must be large. Make the sections from ear to ear going up from one ear to crest of the head to other ear. Clamp the front section with a hair clip. Open the front section and comb it well. Back comb it well by moving a tight comb through it to and fro.Β  Make sure you back comb it quite good this time. Now, make a very flat front poof. Raise the front hair just a little and fix pins on behind. Now make two or three thin plaits with the back section. For this, divide the back section into three parts and make individual plaits by further dividing into three sections in each. Interwine these sections to get a simple plait. Now secure the ends of all the plaits with a single silicon band or you may go for multiple bands. Secure with bobby pins. Give a shot of hair spray and your hairstyle is ready!!

Wassup new: Make sure that the hairstyle is quite tight and your hair are pinned up. Permed hairstyle also looks good though it needs time to get the perming done. Try it!

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