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Ashley Benson’s finger curls: One pound perfect!


Ashley Benson’s hairstyle is the call for the day. Isn’t it. The reason is quite clear. One is that  it is a short among the many longer hairstyles that we see nowadays. Secondly the curls are so beautifully shaped that the face looks fuller and the hairstyle too has its own say! It is chic and absolutely very gorgeous. To create this hairstyle, wash your hair with a good shampoo and a conditioner. Dab on some hair smoothing serum. While your hair is still wet, make a side partition and comb well. Take a pencil hair curler and straighten up whole hair by dividing hair into thin and small sections. While removing the hair, release the rod by pulling the curls longitudinally to give a hanging appearance to the hairstyle.  Keep it for like thirty seconds and remove it. Do the same for all other sections to get a finger appearance to all the hair.  Give a shot of hairspray and you are done. This look can be worn at any occasion even a day party or a beach party. You can color your hair with temporary hair colors to give it a new definition. Use bold neon colors in pink, blue and green. Try on! This look can be tried for long hair too.

Wassup new: Attach bobby pins on the lesser side of the partition and let the hair on the greater side fall over your face. Make the most of your hairstyle.  Use a shiner to get that extra shine if your hair are dull. Flaunt it! Wear flowers on the lesser side for a beach party. Keep your front bangs straight with this hairstyle.



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