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Emma Watson’s layered razorcut: Short and stylish!


Emma looks very hot here. Owing to her face cut, her hairstyle gives her the utmost oomph and splendor that she deserves. She looks very ravishing and suave. And the simple reason is her short glamorous hairstyle that makes her from simply beautiful to a stunning stylish lady. This look adapts itself to the shape of the head so every person trying it will have completely different look. This look makes your hair look thin but with an edge. For this look you need first a professional short cut with light bangs on the front. Preferably keep the layered razor style. Do not blow dry. It may be difficult to manage the short hair after blow drying. Use a little mousse. Simply straighten your hair and while you come to the tips, mould the tips inward with the edge of the straightener.  Apply little hairspray at the ends to keep the hair in place. Keep the front bangs straight and a little towards the side. Keep rest of your accessories nil or very little to add glamour. Try this wizard advice and make your friends jealous by being a star yourself!


Wassup new:  To get that bolder wispy look, try highlighting with a shade little lighter than the base, especially at the ends.

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