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Pace Wu’s polished long whorl hairstyle: perfecttt!


Pace Wu recently stepped out in thick polished whorls in Italy. Her hairstyle was definitely suave and completely elegant. She looked every inch lady like and the hairstyle complimented her dress nicely. A must for a red carpet event. To get this hairstyle, wash your hair with a good shampoo and a conditioner. Use lots of mousse. Blow dry. Give a side partition to your hair. Now, if your hair is straight naturally then you can proceed otherwise you may need to straighten up your mane first in order to give polished whorls. Use a straightener to get through this. Dab on lots of mousse. Make thick sections of hair and using a curling rod, make thick tight but flowing curls. When enough heat has been given, slowly release the rod and hairspray the curl to make it stay in its shape. Make about five six such whorls and keep spraying them as they are formed. When done, keep few whorls in front of your neck and a few behind.use your fingers to open them slowly just once.  Your look is done!!

Wassup new: The side part and the whorls give a retro feel to the look. Attach a crystal to enhance your look. You look gorgeous!!


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