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Pippi Longstocking Hairstyle


The pippi longstocking is a fictional character with unique hairstyle and created by the author Astrid Lindgren. In this hairstyle, there will be braided pigtails that extend up into the air from the head. This style can be created by weaving thin wire through the braids and bending it into place. It can be a perfect choice for kids who like to keep their hairstyle unique. Here is a simple way to create this style but make sure you have medium to long hair.

First wash the hair and part it down the middle. Then smooth each half of the hair to create a low ponytail and secure it wrapping elastic around. Keep the end of the wire with tip of one pigtail and take it over the crown of the head through the pigtail. Snip the wire at the end of your hair and bend the wire to the curve of the head. Tuck then ends of the wire into the ponytail to make it invisible. Divide the pigtail into three sections and wire in the middle section of the hair. Next braid the pigtail by keeping the wire inside the hair by crossing the left side over the center. Then secure the braid by wrapping elastic tightly around the hair. Use the same procedure to braid the other section of the hair and tuck the wire inside the hair. At last bend the pigtail and wrap a ribbon around the braid to tie a simple bow.

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