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Long Bowl Cut


A long bowl cut is a very similar style of a standard bowl cut, but in this hairstyle the hair will be left long at the back of your head. This style became popular during the twentieth century as it was worn by most of the people. It was also well received in many places including America where most of the teenagers started wearing it. This style started to fade away during the 1990, but managed to emerge again strongly among the teenagers. Earlier, this style was created by just keeping a bowl on your head and cutting the remaining hair.

A long bowl cut can be achieved in different ways such as a shaven bowl cut, where there will be longer hair on top of the head and shaven sides. To create a long bowl cut first shave the hair which is below the line of a bowl kept on your head and leave the hair at the back of your head long enough. Next comb the hair before fully and start cutting the hair that comes out of the bowl at the front as well as the sides of your head. If you are planning to leave bangs, try to trim the bangs above the brow line and draw attention to your eyes. At last mist the hair with a shining hairspray to end the styling process. This style can be a perfect choice for those try to look unique.

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