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Woven Updo


A woven updo is one of the most beautiful ways of styling the hair for any special event such as a wedding. This type of hairstyle has helped most of the women to style their hair in different ways. This is a perfect way to get a beautiful updo without styling the hair from the beginning. It is a very simple process to achieve this hairstyle which can be done by following these simple steps.

To create this hairstyle, first set up a weave by braid it or gluing it. If you are planning to weave the hair part the hair in horizontal sections at the back of your head and braid the hair around your entire head. Thread a weave sewing needle and then sew the weave in the braids starting at the back of your hair. Try trim the updo weave as per your desire once it is completely installed. Next curl the weave into spiral curls with a curling iron and finger comb the hair to loosen the curls. Twist the weave up from the back of the head to create a bun on top of the hair. Secure the updo in place using bobby pins. At last add any hair accessories to make the style look more attractive. A weave can be styled in different ways such as a loose or messy bun which will be placed on top of the head or even in a high ponytail.

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