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Cornrow Bun Hairstyle


A cornrow bun hairstyle is a perfect classic and elegant updo style which is liked by young people as it can give you a very unique look. There are different versions of creating a bun with cornrows which includes a lower bun at the nape of your neck, center of the head and off-center chignon. Most of the women who wear this hairstyle will be free from all the problems that is caused by other hairstyles as it can be left as it is for one or two months. This style is mostly considered to be one of the most popular Afro-American hairstyle and it is also worn by teenagers for different occasions.

Creating a bun lower at the nape of your neck can give you a more sleek and dapper look. Creating a bun at the center and top of the head can help you to make it look elegant. If you are planning to make this style more creative, try to tie the bun with your cornrow braids and make it look seamless, attractive border around your bun before and then secure it with bobby pins. You can also try to create two similar buns on both the sides of the head which can be achieved with a normal way which is followed to create a bun after creating a cornrow. Just like other hairstyle, this style can also be worn by leaving few hairs hanging loosely around the head.

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