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Anja Gockel Lily inspired hairstyle: Creating a cut!


Models at the Anja Gockelย  fashion show showcased a newer style of wearing natural things such as lily leaves. The hairstyle was quite exotic and beautiful. Of course it had that messy tag attached but the uniqueness of the leaves was the talk of the day that made the most of the hairstyle. The look was very feminine and chic. Lets try out. Start with the basic shampooing and conditioning. Give a side partition and make out small sections of the hair. Start teasing and backcombing each section to create height and volume. It is done by moving a tight comb to and fro through the hair. Now, take a small lock of hair from the front top of the hair and start weaving a braid out of it adding small strands as you weave down. Make three four such braids all over randomly. Now, attach a big lily leaf on the top of the head with bobby pins tucked below. Spray all over and you are done!!! Show off your unique hairstyle at the beach now!

Wassup new: You can add artificial jewellery in place of leaves and create a new cult. Make the most of this trend and just show off!


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