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Elisha Cuthbert’s two toned curly hairstyle: Sleek thin waves!


Elisha’s look is very feminine and chic. Loose waves  double toned to get that perfect look. You can wear it on a beach party and even a beach wedding. It looks beautiful with flowers decorating your long tresses. You need to get your hair double toned by coloring your hair with a darker hue some two inches from the roots contrasting with the long tresses color which needs to be lighter in tone. To get this hairstyle, wash your hair with shampoo and a conditioner. Dab on some hair smoothing serum. Attach on big curlers using large sections of the hair. Blow dry.  Release the curlers and let the curls flow smoothly. Now, using your fingers open up the curls thoroughly and move your head to and fro to let the hair get mashed up. Let the rest of the hair flow evenly. This is very beautiful hairstyle that brings out a natural glow on the whole persona. Try it!

Wassup new: Try some temporary hair colors to color your root region. Use good combinations and flaunt your heavy mane. You are sure to get noticed!!

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