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How to do that perfect faux bob..


One who has long hair tends to fall over the shorter hairstyles. The one style that can make it all over is the faux bob. It can effectively hide the longer hair presence and give a perfect shorter hair camouflage. Here we show you how to do this as perfectly as you can. For this you need messy hair that have been muddled up well.ย  Shampoo well and blow dry. Make a side partition and start teasing your hair using a tight toothed comb. Using a very thin pencil curling rod, curl up sections of hair using hair gel to give a wet hair look. You can even plait your hair into multiple braids and sleep overnight to create the messy look which is needed for the event. Now using hair gel, crush and muddle up the teased hair and shape into a bob with the hair at the nape of the neck little thick in size. Make sure that one side of the hair falling over the face is a little longer than the other.ย  Spray on well and your look is utmost done!! You may adopt another style. Make an extremely loose ponytail and fold it towards inside covering the tail perfectly by pinning it down with bobby pins. The loose tail pinned will fan out the open hair into a short bob. Try it. It works well. Dont forget to spray.

Wassup new: Try experimenting with your hair and make a statement of your own.ย  Off you go!!!


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