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Ballet Hair Bun


A ballet hair bun is a classic way of styling the hair which can give a simple look. It is a versatile hairstyle which is also very easy to create and in only few cases this style may not look appropriate. This style will allow you to have a striking physical attribute or accessory and it also be a perfect solution during the days when the wind, rain or humidity is more. After knowing the way to create a ballet hair bun, you can easily create it without looking in a mirror.

Start the styling after brushing the hair to remove tangles and then spritz all over with water. Then apply a pea-sized bead of styling cream in your hand and spread it all over the hair. Keep the brush at the hairline and continue at the hairline on the sides of your head. Create a ponytail under the prominent ridge at the back of your head. Hold the ponytail using hair elastic and wrap the hair in a coil around the base of your ponytail which should look like a cinnamon roll. Keep the loose end of your ponytail against the base of your bun and slide a bobby pin into the bun to secure the ends. Continue to slide the pins into the base of your bun until it sits without any support. At last spray the hair with a finishing hairspray to prevent the wisps of hair coming out.

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