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Flaunting simple buns like Mary Elizabeth Winstead..


Buns are today’s top say. The list is endless of the different types of buns one can try. But the simplest ones are the best ones to be tried. Top knots are blessed ones! Here we bring you the bun hairstyle worn at little lower to the crest of the head. The hairstyle is utterly feminine and sexy, brings out the lady in you. Try for yourself! First you need to go for the basic wash and conditioning first. Use some hair smoothing serum and blow dry a little. Keep the hair a little damp. Apply lots of gel onto the hair and comb regularly. Collect all hair on the top of your head. Make it a messy ponytail. Tie a rubber band around the neck of the ponytail. Move this ponytail clockwise to form a sausage. Make it a messy one. Wrap it around the neck of the ponytail. Tuck it with pins. Make sure this knot is little messy and it appears little lower than the top crest of the head. Β You can try one more style. While tying the ponytail with a rubber band, on the second round, pass only a small section of hair through the band and let the remaining hang out. Wrap this remaining section of hair around the neck of the tail to form a thick bun. Tuck in the ends with bobby pins. At the end give shot of hair spray all over. Your bun is done!


Wassup new: Decorate your bun with hair chains which are the mainstay. Attach some crystals and let your friends envy them!

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