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Kim‘s side plait: Messy style in elegance!!


Kim always shows she can do better than others when it comes to combining your messy spirit with elegance. Here also she does the same. A sleek gown with perfectly matching hairstyle. Hairstyle straight out of bed!! To create this style, you need to wash your hair properly and comb them on wet hair. Then blow dry your hair not touching the comb this time. No use of comb now. When dry, give a side partition to your hair with your fingers and bring all hair on the greater side, in front of your neck. From the both sides, pull out chin length flicks. Now start making a plait with the rest of the hair that are side swept to the front of the neck. Start interwining loosely and then tightly as you come down. To interwine, make three sections and pull the left section over the middle one and below the right section. Repeat the same for the right. When plaiting is done, put a very thin rubber band about 2 inches from the end. From the plait, pull out ends that are showing to create more messy hair effect. Comb the flicks with your fingers and the party is ready to behold you!!

Wassup new:  Do not add any scrunchie or thick rubber bands, it mars the total effect. Always keep this plait on the side.

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