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Nicole Richie’s apple top bun with front bangs: Different style statement!


Nic seems to be mersmerized by this hairstyle and so do we.Nicole is seen here with sleek front bangs. They make her face appear longer here. The sleek style speaks for itself and her yellow blonde hair compliments her animal print dress. To create her hairstyle, shampoo and condition well. Use anti frizz to reduce any frizz. Straighten up the hair and the front bangs. Make sure the bangs drop from the point where bun is to be made onto the whole eyes.  Collect all the back hair, combing upwards. Make a ponytail with it and attach a very sleek rubber band. The band should be of the same color as the hair.  Comb the ponytail well. Now, twist the ponytail and wrap it around the point where rubber band is attached. Make the end of the ponytail slide in the rubber band from under the rolls. Fix with bobby pins. Give a hairspray especially at the back to avoid any hair slip. Spray well the bangs too. Your look is ready!!

Wassup new: Make sure your bun has that much thickness to compliment your face type. Small buns on a heavy face do not look good. You can use ponytail extensions to create the heavy bun look.

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