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Blunt Bob Hairstyle


Hairstyle with a blunt bob is a great way of styling the hair if you are planning to cut your hair. Try to get a single-length cut which must fall below your shoulders or mid-length. This hairstyle is also very easy to maintain and it can be a perfect choice for working woman. The shape of the hairstyle can look shiny and flatter which can be achieved with a blow dryer. Just follow these simple steps to create this style and before that get a proper haircut from a professional hairstylist.

To begin the styling, wash and condition the hair. Next spread a heat-protecting serum and divide the bob into four sections. Take a 3-inch section of hair and blow dry it on a medium setting starting from the roots to end of the hair. Brush the 4-inch section of hair with in a downward motion and use the blow dryer at the brush by pulling it in one smooth motion. After blowing the entire hair with a blow dryer with medium heat, try use cool air setting to close off the cuticle. Continue the blow drying process one small section at a time in a slow, downward motion and then flip the ends of the hair to add curls. At last spritz all of the hair with a little amount of shine-enhancing spray to get into the look. This hairstyle can be made more attractive by using hair accessories such as decorative bobby pin or jeweled barrette.

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