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Nicole Ritchie’s Top of the head knot: Clean swept up knot!!


Nicole loves top knots and so do we. She looks hot owing to her long face and straight hair. It is an easy going hairstyle that can be carried with elegance from the grocery store to the red carpet. For good chances, it suits most of the dresses. You can wear it at a discotheque party and even on a beach party. It looks absolutely elegant on red carpet. To get this hairstyle, you need to go for the basic wash and conditioning first. Use some hair smoothing serum and blow dry a little. Keep the hair a little damp. Apply lots of gel onto the hair and comb regularly. Collect all hair on the top of your head. Make it a messy ponytail. Tie a rubber band around the neck of the ponytail. Move this ponytail clockwise to form a sausage. Make it a messy one. Wrap it around the neck of the ponytail. Tuck it with pins. Make sure this knot is little messy and it appears on the top crest of the head.  At the end give shot of hair spray all over. Your chic top knot is done!

Wassup new: This kind of hairstyle suits with leather too. Show your rebellious attitude with your chic style still remaining intact. Try on!

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