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Petra Ecclestone’s frizzy waves: Flowy and sexy!


Petra looks enchanting as her hair look as if straight from a fairy tale. The locks are mersmerizing and their platinum color is outstanding. The hair looks gorgeous and very elegant. A center partition gives a certain dimension that adds to the elegance. For best results, use a shiner to give that brilliant shine.  To create this hairstyle, you need a proper wash with a volumising shampoo and then a curl promoting conditioner. Apply some anti frizz serum and blow dry. Make a center partition of the hair. Take a thick curling rod. Take a thick section of hair and start curling them. Release them slowly pulling them downwards so that no tight curls are formed, only we get the waves. If you have bangs, keep them  to one side for best effect. Give a shot of light hairspray and your hairstyle is done for the event!

Wassup new: Wear a sleek gold headband with this hairstyle. Keep all other accessories minimum. Keep rocking!

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