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Single Chain Braid


A single chain braid is a very unique way of styling your hair. It is one of the rarest hairstyle that will look very much similar to a inverted French braid along with a twist. The styling will be started with two small sections of hair and then knotting them together. This hairstyle is mostly liked by teenagers and it will also consume a little more time when compared to other braiding technique. Here is a simple method that be followed to get this hairstyle without getting any help from a hairstylist.

To get this style, first wash your hair and comb the damp hair to remove all the knots. Then take the hair at the top of your head and divide it into two even sections. Tie both the sections into a simple shoelace to knot separately and include small sections of hair to each of the two sections during the knot process. Knot the hair down the head and make sure to keep both the sections even till the end. Try to include all the hair to your chain braid until your reach the end of your hair. At last you can also create a ponytail or wrap the additional hair into a bun and secure it using bobby pins. Try to add hair accessories to your hairstyle to make it look more attractive and make sure to secure the thing which are added to the hairstyle are secured properly.

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