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Bang Braid Hairstyle


A bang braid is a popular hairstyle that was worn by celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and Lauren Conrad. This hairstyle is considered to be a perfect solution for people with pesky bangs. It can be created on hair of any length if you begin the styling process at the right place of your head. Most of the people will think this style is very difficult to get, but with some practice you can easily achieve this hairstyle. Here is a simple process that can be followed to get this hairstyle while doing it for the first time.

To create a bang braid, first separate two inches of hair near the forehead in a horizontal part and secure the lower half in a hair elastic to keep it away during the braiding process. Comb the hair and flip it in the direction you want. Separate the hair into three sections starting from the ear and keep the first part over the second part and second one over the third part. Continue to braid the hair until the braid arches against your forehead. Now braid the unsecured hair horizontally and add half inch of hair from both sides. Braid the hair from ear to ear and downward until two or three inches remain at the tip. Wrap elastic at the end of your braid and remove the elastic tied around the lower half of the hair once the bang braid is secured properly.

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