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Graduated French Bob


A graduated French bob will have short layered ends which will add volume to the hair. The layers can be longer and specifically cut to highlight facial bone structure as well as jaw line. This hairstyle is can be created on any type of hair apart from curly and coarse hair as it will not hold the shape of the style. It can be short layered bob, medium shaggy bob or longer layered bob, this style is considered to be versatile to go for a weekend camping or a black-tie event. Here is a simple process that can help to create this style very easily.

To create this hairstyle, first practice cutting the graduated bob by keeping the hair damp. Wash your hair with a shampoo and condition it in a proper way. Start cutting at the fringe of your hair from first graduated level at the back of your hair. Leave the sides of your hair to be slightly longer than the back of the hair. Cut the hair around the back of your head and also the sides at an increasing length. The graduated level of the hair must stop at the occipital bone of your head which is slightly outward above the neck. Make sure that the back of your hair moves from shorter to long hair. At last try to cut the hair which is excess and ensure the sides of your hair are level with one another.

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