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Megan Fox’s classic bottle curls: Defined in perfection!


Megan shows how simple bold thick curls can be as gorgeous as the lady herself. Her look is outstanding and really catches the eye of the beholder. Curls are the most feminine of all the hairstyles and Megan truly keeps up to this legend. She looks utterly girly and gorgeous. To get this hairstyle, first shampoo and condition properly. Use curl promoting serum and blow dry. When dry, comb well and give a center part. Make around six to seven thick sections of the hair. Take a thick curling rod and wrap each section around the rod, giving sufficient heat to the hair to forms thick curls. The time needed would be more because we are taking thick sections into hand. Do the same to all the sections of hair. Open the curls slowly and let them fall and naturally open a little. Give a shot of hair spray and your natural curly look is done!

Wassup new: Lift the hair on the front on the greater side of the partition to make waves there also and pin up on the lesser side near the ear to give a more retro feel to the whole hairstyle. You may even attach a crystal to complete your look. You may keep the bangs on the front or give them a side sweep. Move your fingers in between the curls to give a natural feel and let them hang down. Flaunt your newer hairstyle!

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