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Tiara Braid Hairstyle


A tiara braid is a hairstyle that joins the classic base of two braided pigtails along with mystique of a fancier braid. To get this hairstyle you only need to have basic braiding skills and clever hair pin technique to hold the hair in place. This style also looks elegant if it is topped with a few small flowers. Most of the celebrities like to wear this hairstyle only for any special events. Just follow these steps to create this style on your head.

Before starting the hairstyle process, brush the hair with a comb. Separate the hair into three inch sections of hair above the ears and clip these small sections to the scalp. Remove the clip from the first side and divide it into three sections. Braid the hair straight out of the head and away from the scalp to create an overarching tiara look. Now braid three sections from below your ear by overlapping first one with second and second one with third. Use small non-rubber hair elastic over the first small braid and follow the same on the other section of the clipped hair. Then pull the left braid over the crown of your head and secure the bottom of the plait to your scalp using a hair pin. Tuck the end of the braid under and secure it with few pins to get a unified appearance. Finally brush the hair that flows between the two braids and comb it close to your braids.

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