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Voluminous Shag Hairstyle


A voluminous shag hairstyle can be a perfect way to style you hair if they are thick. Most of the women prefer to style their hair in this way as it can be easily done without any help from any hair specialist. It does consume more time when compared to other similar styles, but you just need to follow few simple styling techniques to achieve this hairstyle. This hairstyle can be a perfect way to change the look of your face by using layers. It can also help to add more texture and dimension to your hairstyle when compared to a blunt cut. The style can also look perfect with multiple face shapes and it is considered to be versatile when it comes to styling.

You can just use a lifting spray to the roots of your hair to create more volume at the root and then texturize as well as piece out the lower part of the hair with a texturizing cream. A medium or a large round brush can be used to add more volume to the hair and curling iron can be used to accentuate the layers in your hair. If you are planning to have more bangs in voluminous shag hairstyles then try to blow dry the hair often to the side and not worn straight down. Side bangs can be left to frame the face and blending into the hairstyle which is better than having straight bangs.

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