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Caesar Hairstyle


A Caesar hairstyle is a very unique way of styling your hair and it is mostly worn by men than women. It is considered to be a simplest at-home haircut that could be easily achieved on your own or getting help from a friend instead of going to a salon. This hairstyle involves clipper-cutting your hair to create a uniform length of about an inch. The style also varies in length depending on the personal preference and most of time it is kept around 1 inch long. If you want to make this hairstyle look perfect get help from hairstylist or you need have previous hair cutting experience to make it look good.

First comb your hair to make it flat and remove the snarls. Use a clipper blade onto the clipper’s head and start using it at the top of your head. Pull the clippers over the scalp in the opposite direction where your hair grows and brush away the loose hair. Move the clippers on top of your head and slowly move from the forehead to the back of your head. Keep the clippers at the nape of the neck and then pull it up toward the top of the head. Continue to use the clippers in this from the back of your head and from ear to ear. At last, after removing the clipper blade from the clipper cut through the random hairs at the back of the neck to create a clean neck line.

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