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Jessica Alba’s braided ponytail: Beautiful exotic hairstyle!


Jessica Alba rocks here. Her polished braided ponytail look carries her elegance a fold higher. She is absolutely gorgeous and her hairstyle speaks for itself. The braid is purely suave and the ponytail has a wrapped knot on it. To try this hairstyle, you need proper wash and conditioning. Use mousse on wet hair. Comb and then blow dry. Dab on some hair smoothening gel and spray on a little. Make a side partition. On the lesser side, take a small section of hair and divide into three to make a braid. Braiding is similar to plaiting but an additional lock of hair is added in each weave from the loose hair that are adjacent to the braid. Make a braid by dividing this chunk of hair into three further sections and then passing one left section over the middle one and under the right one. Similarly repeat it with right section by passing it through the middle and then under the left along with the additions in each curve. When you reach about the midway the crest of the head, collect all hair and make a ponytail out of it. Tie a tight band around the neck of the ponytail. Now, take a thick lock of hair from the tail and combing it nicely, wrap it around the silicon band at the neck of the ponytail. Now, take a straightener and straighten up the whole mane. Your look is ready!!

Wassup new: Try braiding both the sides of the partition and you will see the change in your look. Go girl!

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