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Bohemian Bun


A bohemian bun is a natural way of styling your hair for any special event and it can also give enhance your beauty by bring out gentle femininity. There are many women which also includes celebrities who wear this style for different occasions. This hairstyle is considered to be a perfect choice while going out with someone special or hanging out with your friends. Here is a very simple procedure that can be followed to achieve this style without getting help from any hairstylist.

To create this style, first you need to brush the hair thoroughly to get rid of tangles. Then divide the hair into two sections and start combing the hair from the bottom to make it untangle. Leave a broad section of the hair on one side and take one strand from the part. Separate the strand into two and then cross the first strand on second strand. Continue this process for several times until you reach the back of your head secure the twisted hair in place with bobby pins. Start twisting the section in between the index and middle finger. Next pin it to the back of the head using several bobby pins and use the same procedure on the other parts of the hair. At last pull out few pieces of hair from the twisted hair to create a messy look and then mist all over the hair with a hairspray to make it last long.

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