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Making An Hair Wrap


Hair wrap is a very popular style among the teenagers as they are very easy to create. This hairstyle can make you look creative and also give them very beautiful look. There is no need to get help from any hairstylist as it can be achieved at home. Just follow these simple steps that can help to make this hairstyle.

To start the styling, first select the colors of embroidery floss which you would like to use for the hairstyle which includes one to four colors. Avoid using more than four colors as it may look too thick. Start cutting one strand of each color which must be little more than twice the size of the length of your braided hair. Spread them out to keep them side by side and then grab it in a bunch at the middle of your strands. Tie it all together onto the top of your ponytail at the base to have two strings of each color which will be hanging down from the base of your braid. Add beads at the top by threading it into the floss. Next wrap the floss around your braid tightly and one color at a time. Try to wrap both strands around your braid and the other strands of floss by holding the other strands as well as the braid together. Add beads to the end of your wrap and finally double knot your thread tightly before cutting it.

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