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Inverse Ponytail


An inverse ponytail is a great way to get a chic look and it is also a remarkably easy to achieve it at home. There are many celebrities who wear this hairstyle for different events. This is one of the most unique ways of creating a ponytail which also considered being perfect for everyday wear. It is very easy to create this hairstyle which can be done by following these simple procedures.

To get this style, first you must brush the hair smooth. Then keep the ponytail in place and secure it with an elastic hair band. Next pull the hair band back one centimeter from your head which will give the room to work for the inverting process. There are two ways that can help to create this hairstyle. First keep the thumb and forefinger at the middle of your underside the ponytail in between the head and hair band. Then push it to the top and put the ponytail hair in between the thumb and finger. The second way is to use a plastic ribbon which is similar to the hairdini. Fold the ribbon in half and then push it through your hair in the same spot. After it comes all the way through your hair try to pull it up to have a large loop and place the ponytail though the loop. At last tighten the hair band once again and spray all over the hair with a hairspray to avoid any flyaways.

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