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Hairstyle With Irregular Braid


A braid is a structure of hair which will be made by weaving three or more strands together. An irregular braid is a type of braiding process that is one of the simplest styles which is can be created on any type of hair that is medium to long. This style can give a fun look which can be perfect for any formal event and most of the people also wear it for other occasions such as college, dates or work. Here are few simple methods that can be followed to achieve this style very easily.

To create this hairstyle, first use a comb to brush all over the hair to remove any tangles. Then brush all of the hair to a side and divide your hair into three. Now take the middle piece of hair and braid the middle piece down to the bottom of your head. Take the other sections of hair together so you can have one braid and one piece. Start twisting the two around each other down to the bottom. Use your hands to tighten the braid and secure it using elastic band. While twisting the hair hold the bottom of your braided middle piece tight and avoid it to go otherwise the braid. Try to hold it tight as you don’t want the twisted hair to fall apart. At last spritz all over the hair with a hairspray and add any hair accessories to make it look beautiful.

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