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Braided Headband


Wearing a braided headband can help you to look stylish as well as trendy which is a perfect choice for formal and informal occasions. Most of the celebrities wear this style on the red carpet and other formal events. To get this hairstyle you must have the hair that is at least few inches past the shoulder. Having longer hair is the first and most important process in this hairstyle.

To create this hairstyle, first collect a two inch wide section of hair around your ear. Take the hair in front of your ear to make the braid to rest right at the hairline and take the hair right behind your ear to rest the braid at the top of the head. Take the remaining hair to create a ponytail at the back of your and then comb the gathered section of hair to get rid of knots or tangles. Separate the combed section of hair into three parts and start braiding it by placing outside sections on top of the middle section. To get more casual look, braid the hair loosely and to get a formal look braid it tightly. Use a tiny rubber band to secure the end of your hair and pin to the head using a bobby pin. At last sprtiz all over the hair with a finishing hairspray and then release the hair from your ponytail or you can keep it pulled back as per your desire.

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