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Scruffy Ponytail


A scruffy ponytail is considered as one of the easiest way of styling your hair. It is a fresh take on a classic ponytail which is often worn by teens. This hairstyle is the best to look more casual which will be flattering on anyone. To get this style you must make sure that the hair is long enough to pull back. It can be created on any type of hair without even having much practice. Here is a way that can help to achieve this style very easily.

To get this hairstyle, begin your styling process by spraying a volumizer into the hair and make sure to spray it both on the roots and length of the hair as in a normal ponytail only roots of the hair with be sprayed. Start curling the sections of your hair using a small-barrel curling iron and avoid curling all of the hair. Curl two inch sections of the hair at a time and mess up the curls using only your fingers. Spread a little amount of styling cream all over the length of your hair with the fingers. Now you can pull the hair back to secure it at the crown of your head with a rubber band and avoid brushing the hair. Comb through the hair with your fingers and then pull it back. Try to pull out few pieces of hair to surround the face and loosen up the ponytail to make it look scruffy.

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