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Long Shag Hairstyle


Long shag hairstyle is one of the simplest ways to get a voluminous look with different layers and lengths of hair. It is a very usual style to make the thin hair look thicker. A long shag haircut can accentuate natural curls and waves by giving an appearance which will look heavily styled along with minimal effort. The hairstyle may look complex, but it can be easily created without any special hair cutting techniques.

First shampoo and condition your hair to get rid of oil and dirt from the hair. Then brush your hair smooth to get rid of tangles and part it down the center. Divide a third section of hair at the front of your head to one side. Next take the divided section of hair up so it points straight above your head and brush it completely. Use your index and middle finger up the section of your hair on both the side of the head until it stays one inch from the tips of the hair. Cut the hair which sticks through your fingers using a pair of sharp scissors. Continue the cutting process with other two-thirds of your hair on the same side and next with the opposite side. At last comb all of your hair smooth and keep the part straight to make sure that the hair hangs evenly on both the side of the head. Try to trim the tips of hair with sharp scissors to end the styling.

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