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Chain Braid Pigtail


A chain braid pigtail is one of the most unique ways of styling the hair which is usually worn by kids. It is a rarest hairstyle which will look similar to an inverted French braid with a twist. The hairstyling can be started using two small sections of hair and knotting them together. This style is also liked by teenagers as it consumes very little time to create when compared to other braiding methods. Just follow these simple methods to get this hairstyle.

To begin the styling process, wash the hair fully and then comb the damp hair to remove all the knots. Take the hair on top of your head and separate it into two different sections. Tie both these sections into a simple shoelace to knot individually and then add small sections of hair to each of sections in the knot process. Knot your hair down the head and also make sure to keep both these sections even till the end of the hair. Try to add all the hair to the braid until you reach the end of the hair and finally you can create a ponytail and also wrap the additional hair into a bun as per your desire. Use bobby pins to secure the hair and add hair accessories to the hairstyle to make it look attractive. Also make sure to secure the hair in a proper way along with a accessories as an additional safety measure.

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