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Rita Ora’s short straight bob: Perfection and reality!


Her hairstyle seems short, playful  and peppy. A short bob is every woman’s heartthrob at some point in life. It shows control and hierarchy. Moreover it is easily manageable and needs very less time for making up. To have her hairstyle, you need a short bob razor cut. In razor cut, the cut is not made horizontal but sideways so that the ends are not blunt. It gives an edgy appearance and well maintained look. Keep the back hair short and front bangs reaching the lower eyelids. Take care that the whole of the mane starting from the crest should be front swept, that means the whole of the hair should be pointing towards the front or eyes. You might need to use a lot of hairspray to maintain the bangs if you wan them to be at their place. Wear this hairstyle on a beach party with a short dress and keep your spirits high!

Wassup new: In case you have chosen this style, maintain a very few accessories with it and highlight the eyes in the same color as your hair. You are bound to stand out and win!!!

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