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Snake Braid


A snake braid can be a perfect choice to control a long and thick hair which is often considered as a challenge. This style is very unique which will resemble a snake in an S shape and it can be certainly an eye-catcher for those who wear it. To get this hairstyle you must make sure that the hair is long enough for the braiding process and those who have short hair will be able to achieved this style with a little difficulty, but only with smaller ones on top or side of the head. It can be a perfect choice for a daily wear and for any formal events.

To create this style, first you need to comb the hair completely to remove the tangles before starting the styling process. Next collect all of the hair in your hand at the nape of the neck. Start separating the hair into three different parts and then make a standard braid. Now take the middle section of your braid with the index finger and thumb. Start moving the middle section up and make sure to send the section all the way up to the top. Send the section of hair into the section of the braid and then pin it in place using a bobby pin. At last secure the bottom of your braid using a rubber band and spritz all over the hair with a finishing hairspray to end the styling process.

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