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Bandana updos at Dolce and Gabbana’s fashion show: On the street again!


The style is very girly and chic. It is worldwide famous reigning from Hawaii to Japan. Bandana updos are messy updo’s that are styled by a big bandana worn over the front top of the head covering some part of the forehead too in the process. To get this style, you need to wash your hair properly, condition and blow dry. Give a center part to your hair and ivied your hair into sections. Back comb and tease each section one by one. Teasing is done by moving the comb over the hair to and fro while you hold the ends with the other hands. Repeat this to whole of your tresses. When done, collect all hair on the top of your head and give a fold upwards. Fix the fold below with pins or tiny clutchers. Hang the ends over the updo. You can even do one more thing. Make a high ponytail and then back comb its tail hard. Wrap this tail around the neck of the ponytail to make a large bun and keep the ends hanging from the rubber band. Spread these ends all over the front side of the updo. Give a little shot of hairspray. Take a bandana of choice and pull it up your forehead, over the front top of your head. Make the ends hanging above spread over it to give an evenly appearance. Its done!

Wassup new: You can particularly flaunt such hairstyles at the beaches and while going to the gym. It looks great and very girlish. Try on!

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