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Cyberlox Hairstyle


A cyberlox hairstyle is a very unique way of styling your hair where a tubular ribbon will be added along with your hair. The ribbon is also referred to as tubular crin and it is available in variety of colors as well as different diameters. It has been mostly used as a hair decoration in a tubular as it is extremely lightweight which can also be used to create a unique and colorful look. This hairstyle is mostly liked by teens and it is a simple way that can help to create this style.

To style you hair in this way, first you need to was the hair completely with a shampoo and avoid using a conditioner or shampoo containing conditioner. Blow dry the hair until it becomes free of moisture and then separate the hair into moderately sized sections with the rubber bands. One cyberlox must be braided into each section and decide the desired cyberlox length to cut separate pieces. After cutting the cyberlox fold a small portion of the end inward to prevent fraying. Take one of the locks of your hair which was separated earlier by loosening the rubber band and divide it into two strands. Now fold one cyberlox into half and then place it in between the two strands of hair. Now braid the two pieces of hair and secure at the bottom using a rubber band. Continue the braiding process on all the divided section of hair.

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