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Keira Knightly’s finger plucked shoulder length hairstyle: Rock chic!


Keira looks very athletic and sporty and this hairstyle adds oodles to this look. The look is feminine but a bit rough as in for the biker status and rock world. A fit for a rock party outlook and leather skirts. The hairstyle is simple and carries a rebel outlaw in it. To create this hairstyle, wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. Use hair smoothing serums. You need to have a shoulder length haircut first. Make sure the mane is wavy or straight and not curly. Give an equal cut all over.  Now comb well the wet hair and apply mousse.  Now give a center partition to your hair. Now take a thin strand of your hair and giving a plucking and rolling motion t it. Now, similarly roll out and pluck out thin strands all over. Blow dry the whole mane. Swish swash your hair and give a shot of hairspray. Your rock biker girl hairstyle is ready! Flaunt!

Wassup new: Use minimal accessories with this hairstyle. It creates your rebellious attitude. Spray some temporary neon hair colors. Streak them vertically or horizontally to create your own cult. Try it!


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