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Hairstyle With Baby Dreadlocks


Putting your hair into baby dreadlocks can be a very interesting and unique way of styling the hair. The hair will become similar to tight ropes which need less maintenance. People who have short hair can try this style to make the hair look different. There will be curls after creating this hairstyle which can look beautiful and versatile which will also give a sophisticated hairstyle.

To create this hairstyle, first wash the hair using a residue-free shampoo and keep the hair damp to continue the styling process. Twist two adjacent locks to make it tight and then spread a little amount of styling gel in your fingers and spread it on one lock at a time by twisting it clockwise from root to tip. Continue to twist the two locks together starting from root to tip and fold the two twisted locks into a loop at the root. Also twist the remaining lock around the loop for a coiled ball and if the locks look short avoid making a loop before coiling and twisting. Next tuck the ends of the locks under the base of your coiled ball or secure it with a hairpin. Twist the coil again and secure pairs of locks to make all the locks into coiled balls. Leave the hair as it is for several hours or overnight to make it set. Finally remove the knots by gently by pulling out each coiled ball and finger style the curls as per your desire.

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